That is one sick church!

Larry Crabb has long been a favorite author of mine. He writes with authenticity, transparency and a passion for God. He’s written on a variety of subjects but his newest book is very unique.

66 Love Letters is written as if one person is sitting down with God Himself to talk about each of the 66 books of the Bible and what it is that we are supposed to learn from them. It’s not intended to be a commentary but rather an overview that weaves all 66 books/letters together as they lay out God’s unfolding story of love and redemption.

As I was reading yesterday about the letter of 1st Corinthians it struck me that the church in Corinth was one sick church! Then I wondered, “Why would God even want the story of this church included in the Bible?” It certainly was no shining example; nothing we would want the world to see.

Coming from the perspective of God explaining Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church Larry writes…

“Paul continued to tell My story of love to quarrelsome, arrogant, and selfish people. Although My people in Corinth were living more like Corinthians than Christians, Paul continued to call them to a new way to live. He never gave up on them. Neither did I. I never give up on My Children.”

“Every word in this letter highlights the plot of My story, My call to community, My vision of others-centered relating, and My plan for your spiritual formation – My power to place within you the desire to love and to release that love in the worst of circumstances, in the most hopeless of conditions, and in the most painful of relationships.”

Perhaps God chose to include the story of this church in Corinth precisely because He knew we would need the encouragement. He knew we would all struggle with the hurt and confusion that comes from being part of a group of Christ-followers that are still in the process of being redeemed by grace.

Lord, continue Your work in us – Your church – and give us the grace to not give up!


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One response to “That is one sick church!

  1. True – the Corinthian Church was very sick but what a blessing that we have two of the at least three letters written. 1st Corinthians is very rich in encouragement, basic theology, holy living, Church order etc.
    Then, as Larry Crabb brings out, it gives us assurance that we can have confidence that He will do what He has promised.

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