Disappointing God

Noble Doss dropped the ball. One ball. One pass. One mistake. In 1941 he let one fall. And it’s haunted him ever since. “I cost us a national championship,” he says. The University of Texas football team was ranked number one in the nation. Hoping for an undefeated season and a berth in the Rose Bowl, they played conference rival Baylor University. With a 7-0 lead in the third quarter, the Longhorn quarterback launched a deep pass to a wide-open Doss.

“The only thing I had between me and the goal,” he recalls, “was twenty yards of grass.”

The throw was on target. Longhorn fans rose to their feet. The sure-handed Doss spotted the ball and reached out, but it slipped through. Baylor rallied and tied the score with seconds to play. Texas lost their top ranking and, consequently, their chance at the Rose Bowl. “I think about that play every day,” Doss admits. (From Fearless by Max Lucado)

We’ve all been there. Probably not in a way that cost our team a national championship, but we’ve experienced disappointing others; letting down someone we love or care about deeply. We know the heartache; the knot in the stomach. So what about disappointing God?

I’m preaching a six-week series entitled Fearless and back a few weeks ago when I blogged about all the possible topics that we could explore “Fear of disappointing God” ranked as the number one concern among those who gave me feedback. That was the focus of my message yesterday and you can check it out on the Sermon/Audio page listed above.

The whole subject of Disappointing God raises a couple of questions for me: 1)  What does God expect of us? This will tell us what it is that disappoints Him; and 2)  How does God respond when we do disappoint Him?

This is usually the place in a blog or sermon where “it” (the answer) gets laid out or explained but I think there is real value in wrestling with questions once in a while. So you’ll have to check back over the next couple of days for my input. But in the meantime…

How would you respond to the two questions I’ve posed?


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