Not all “Christian advice” is Godly!

Yesterday, while driving to the office, I was listening to a popular Christian radio station. I listened long enough to hear a variety of different segments including one by a nationally known woman who was giving advice to other gals. The gist of her insight was…

Don’t hang out with women who think they are perfect. They aren’t perfect, because no one is, so they are obviously not comfortable being real enough to admit their struggles or weaknesses. And if you hang out with them then you won’t feel comfortable being yourself.

My first thought was…

But what if God wants you to hang out with them in order to be His influence on them? What if God wants to use you as an example of being comfortable in your own skin even though you’re not perfect? If we avoid hanging out with people who don’t have it “all together” in some way – authentic, in this case – then none of us would hang out with anybody!

I know that Paul warned us in his 2nd letter to the Corinthians that “bad company corrupts good morals” but I believe Paul was referring to very intimate relationships. One of the criticisms leveled against Jesus by the religious leaders of the day was that He hung out with sinners; the riffraff of society.

Obviously we have to balance how much time we spend with others. Even Jesus found a rhythm of being with people and then getting off alone to be with the Father in prayer. Such a rhythm will likely vary depending on each of us and the people we are around. But didn’t Jesus say that we would be the “salt of the earth.” (Mt 5:13)

My point is…don’t just take what other “Christians” offer at face value. Measure it against God’s word. That’s exactly what set the Bereans apart from other Jesus followers and got them mentioned in Acts 17:11.

Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

In fact, don’t ever take at face value what I share in a blog. Measure it against the Scriptures to make sure it stacks up. And let me know if it doesn’t. We all need people in our lives who will speak the truth in love when we need it – thanks John T. And remember…

Not all “Christian advice” is Godly!


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One response to “Not all “Christian advice” is Godly!

  1. Leslie

    How true, & thank you for the reminder. Well meaning people can sometimes give bad advice because, as you said, none of us is perfect. Keep up the good work!

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