Game on, God!

Last week I blogged about Susan and I rediscovering Super Mario Brothers – the video game. We have made significant progress but still have a way to go. And I’ve noticed a couple of similarities between the video game and our journey with God.

As you move into different parts of the game there are blocks that will provide various powers. Fireballs, freeze balls, a penguin suit (don’t ask), flying, etc. There have been times when we wondered why we were provided a particular power but as we moved into new challenges or faced new enemies we discovered that the power was exactly what we needed at the time.

God does the same for us. No matter what it is that we are facing His grace provides exactly what we need at the moment. Patience, encouragement, boldness, forgiveness, wisdom, etc. The Holy Spirit is not surprised by what we encounter and knows exactly what we need in order to glorify God in that moment. 

Also, as you progress through the levels of the game new skills are required for facing new obstacles or new enemies. The new challenges start out pretty basic but get progressively harder as you move deeper into the level. The game is designed to stretch you and grow you with specific skills.

I see the same thing happening in our journey with God. He gives us new challenges that get progressively harder. He is stretching our faith and trust. He is developing within us the character of Christ with a passion to bring Him glory. He is teaching us how to more fully participate in His unfolding story of redemption and grace. So…

Game on, God!


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2 responses to “Game on, God!

  1. I really like this post and can relate to the “stretching” concept. I am constantly amazed as God calls us to do different things for which we have no obvious talent – and as we obey and step out, HE supplies whatever is necessary.

    It seems that in the game, the equipment is provided before it is needed, but I like the way God provides it only as we step out in faith and obedience. The waters didn’t part until there was faith in action and I have found that is true today.

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