God’s mysterious ways!

Christy – the gal in our church family who works with our youth – had let me know that she wouldn’t be at our monthly Prayer & Praise gathering because she had a High School girl who wanted to talk about some life issues and God. She asked me to pray about their getting together and I did. I asked God to work in whatever way necessary to speak into this young girls’ life.

On Wednesday I finished up prep for our Prayer & Praise gathering and went about some other office stuff until I ran home around 5:00 to see the family. Kyrsten, who already had her homework done, wanted to come back to the church with me; for no particular reason. This was only the second time for this monthly gathering so I really didn’t know what to expect as far as attendance but I’m learning to set my expectations aside and just go with whatever God does.

Kyrsten and I got back to the church about 15 minutes ahead of our gathering time. We were visiting with one couple while waiting to see if anyone else showed up when Christy and this HS girl came in to hang out in the youth group room and talk. Since no one else showed up for our Prayer & Praise gathering we continued to visit until Christy came to get Kyrsten and I so that we could join their conversation.

We ended up talking for nearly an hour and a half about God and life. This young lady is trying to work through some family stuff that is both lousy and unstable. It turned out to be a great time of sharing and we could really sense God’s presence in all of it. There were too many details that all came together for this to be coincidence.

  • Christy gave this girl the option of eating anywhere and she chose a place close to the church!
  • Christy and this girl met at the same time we were at the church for the Prayer & Praise gathering!
  • I don’t usually run home when I have an evening event but I did that night to have some time with the family!
  • Kyrsten – who often has homework well into the evening – came back with me!
  • Only one couple showed up for the Prayer & Praise gathering but if we hadn’t been visiting with them we would have already headed back home before Christy showed up!
  • Christy’s friend – our new friend – is the same age and grade as Kyrsten!

How cool is that! There is nothing more exciting or fulfilling than being a part of God’s plans! We don’t know how our new friends’ situation will turn out but she knows that she is not alone and that God cares about her deeply!

Would you pray for Christys’ friend? You don’t have to know a name or the details – God does. Just pray for Kyrsten and Rick’s new friend. Thanks!

How will God use each of us today in His unfolding story of grace and mercy and redemption?


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One response to “God’s mysterious ways!

  1. After 52 years of knowing, loving and serving our great God I am STILL constantly amazed at the “coincidences” in life. We should EXPECT these things, but He continues to surprise and astound us. Who can possibly deny the REALITY of walking with Him?

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