Hey! That was mine!

Last weekend we took advantage of the nicer weather to get some outside stuff taken care of before the onset of winter. One of those tasks was cleaning out the garage and as usual that resulted in a bunch of stuff to throw away. We actually ran out of garbage barrel space for the junk we needed to get rid of so we used a 20 gallon, heavy-duty plastic tub with rope handles on each side. There was only one snag in the whole process – the garbage guys TOOK OUR TUB!

Grrrrrr! Yes, I actually growl when I get angry enough. And after I got done growling my fist thought was “Hey! That was mine!” I was ticked-off for a good hour before I let go of it. But it still makes me a little mad just writing about it even now several days later.

I know, I know. It was only a $10 tub and not that hard to replace. But the principle of it all is that it wasn’t theirs to take! It was mine! But because it was sitting there with the garbage barrels they assumed that they could do with it what they wanted. But then the thought struck me – “I wonder if  God ever feels that way towards us?”

We have all this stuff in our life and can easily assume that it belongs to us. But if we have surrendered ourselves to following Jesus then the stuff really belongs to Him. I wonder if God, watching how we use the resources at our disposal, ever pokes His elbow into an angel and says, “Hey! That was Mine!”

How God wants us to steward the resources that He has entrusted to each of us will likely vary but we can know for sure that He intends for us to bless others in the process. But we need to be continually asking ourselves, and even each other…

Whose stuff is it?



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2 responses to “Hey! That was mine!

  1. I hear you. We like to think we have surrendered all, but we hang on to things we shouldn’t and on the other hand we don’t USE the things (gifts, talents and abilities given by God) we should.

    If I was God I wouldn’t bother with me – but thankfully I am not God and HE DOES bother with me and continue to work in me to produce the result He desires. Phil 1:6

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