A Father’s Delight

The last half of October is a busy time for our family because of our anniversary and four birthdays! On the 19th Eli left the ranks of teenager forever and on the 31st Sam will become a legal adult! And today – the 28th – Mykaela and Kyrsten turn “sweet 16.” Whew! Thirteen years ago I wrote a poem inspired by our twin girls.

A Father’s Delight

The day was new, night almost past
when out of slumber they came,
My two little girls not quite three,
very different yet much the same.

One in bed was warm and cozy,
but two in bed…oh fuddle,
So to the couch we made our way,
to cover, snuggle and cuddle.

Slowly sleep began retreat,
and heavy eyes did buckle,
A finger here, a tickle there,
a grin became a chuckle.

Of all the joys my soul drinks in,
a breeze, a flower wild,
Nothing brings me more delight,
than the laughter of my child.

And as I wrote this down that night,
in my journal of the day,
An image stirred from deep within,
and in my mind did play.

If I delight in my own child,
imperfect as I am,
How much more our Lord above,
delights in who I am.

I sat there quiet, very still,
to listen and to pray,
Then heard The Shepherd call my name,
and to me He did say.

Of all the joys My soul drinks in,
a breeze, a flower wild,
Nothing brings Me more delight,
than the laughter of My child.
~ Richard A. Alvey
September ’97



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8 responses to “A Father’s Delight

  1. Don

    Congratulations on all the milestones! I’m amazed at your poetic talents; more amazed that you could remember you wrote something 13 years ago! Ha. Enjoy them all as time does have a way of getting away from us. For what we say we’ll do tomorrow we to often look back and realize that was yesterday.

  2. Mike, Mary & Caleb

    Happy “Sweet 16” Birthday to Mykaela & Kyrsten!!!

    I know you and your family will make it a wonderful day for the girls.

  3. joe wellman

    Happy sweet 16 to the girls. My dad is 64 today as well. And I marvel at your poetic ability. Did you start that poem the day they were born? (just kidding)

  4. There is only one thing better than being a father – being a mother!

    I often think of the disappointment we cause our heavenly Father when we don’t turn to Him immediately when we need help, especially if we turn to others first. Even worse is the disappointment we cause Him when we don’t keep our appointment to spend time with Him.

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