Life lessons from a kid’s movie

We saw Toy Story 3 back when it first came out but saw it again last night at Richmond’s cheap theatre. It was Sam’s 18th birthday and he and Valarie had not seen it so we went as a family – minus Eli.

The animation is nothing short of amazing and the story line is great. Kids young and old will enjoy it for a lot of good reasons. As I watched it for a second time there were three big themes that stuck out to me.

  • We all long to be loved.
  • We all long for a place to belong.
  • When we fail to receive love or a place to belong we tend to use others to better our own position in life.

I can relate to these themes personally and I see them lived out daily in the lives of others. They all stem from our deepest issue – separation from God. And I don’t just mean those who are doing life without God.

Even those of us who have accepted God’s gift of grace for a restored relationship with Him still struggle as we look to people or things in this life to fill the deepest longings of our soul. But only intimacy with our Creator will satisfy these needs, these longings.

Do you recognize these longings in your own heart? How will you pursue intimacy with Lord this day… this week?



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4 responses to “Life lessons from a kid’s movie

  1. I haven’t seen the movie but I can certainly relate to the themes you list.

    I also relate to those needs being fully met as I was LOVED and ACCEPTED by the Creator God and ADOPTED into His family as a joint-heir with Christ.

    Sadly I also relate to times when I tend to forget my position in Christ – but thankfully GOD NEVER FORGETS and He lovingly draws me back to Himself.

  2. heather joy

    I loved this. In fact, my mom JUST bought Toy Story 3 yesterday, and we have plans to watch it together tonight. Neither of us have seen it yet. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to watching it.

    People DO need to feel loved – and who better to show that love than Christians? Have we not received the greatest love there is? However, your third point was a good one – the love of others will not do us any good if we do not willingly accept it.

    Heather Joy

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