Superstars need not apply!

I have to be honest, I’m not a big baseball fan. But a few years ago when we visited my oldest brother in Reno we got the chance to experience AT&T Park for a San Fransisco Giants home game. So when they made it to the World Series we started watching.

Obviously, we are excited that they won the game last night to become the World Series Champions. And we laughed when Susan got on Facebook right after the game. One Amanda we know expressed disappointment while the very next entry was our niece Amanda who was ecstatic. LOL

It was fun to watch it with Mykaela who knows the names and positions of several players, especially the pitchers. And it was cool to watch a rookie catcher celebrating next to a couple of old guys who are ready to retire. But my favorite part is that the team has no superstars; just a bunch of hardworking guys. Teamwork trumps individual stars every time!

That’s also what encourages me most about the body of Christ. It doesn’t take a superstar to make a difference in furthering God’s kingdom agenda; just a bunch of people willing to do their part.

Are you willing? What’s your part?


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One response to “Superstars need not apply!

  1. A Christian CANNOT be a superstar, because all he has and all he is and all he does is due to the work of the Lord in him and through him. He is nothing but a tool in the hands of an awesome God.

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