T.G.I.F. …is that all?

There are few symbols or phrases that are universally understood but TGIF is one of them. Thank God It’s Friday. It’s so popular there is even a restaurant by the same name. And who doesn’t appreciate the end of the work week and the beginning of some much-needed space! But is that all?

We thank God that another week of slaving away is over but then enter into the weekend with little thought of God. It’s our time, we’ve earned it! We’re the ones who put up with difficult customers and picky bosses! But don’t the weekends belong to God along with every other part of life?

To be blunt… it’s not about you and it’s not about me; it’s about God! If I had a quarter for every time God had to remind me of this reality I would be able to retire!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that all of our weekend activities should radically change but some certainly should. And everything we participate in during the weekend should be done with the awareness that God is with us; continuing to work both in and through us.

So why don’t we try something new today. Along with thanking God that it’s friday, why don’t we also invite God into our weekend. Whatever it is that is on your schedule for the next 48 hours recognize that God wants to do it with you.

What might God accomplish through us to bless others if we were available to Him all weekend long?


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