Unfulfilled longings

Last week I blogged about the three major themes in Toy Story 3 and how they apply to all of us:

  • We all long to be loved.
  • We all long for a place to belong.
  • When we fail to receive love or a place to belong we tend to use others to better our own position in life.

A few days after writing that blog I was reflecting on it again and realized something. While these longings – love and a place to belong – are universal and common to all people; they will always be unfulfilled longings on this side of the grave.

No matter how much we pursue it or who we involve ourselves with, we will never be fully satisfied with even the best that this life can offer – but that’s OK. It was C.S. Lewis who said…

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.

God wants us to experience being loved and belonging while we are on this earth… but only to a certain degree. If we could be fully satisfied here and now then we would not long to be with Him in eternity. The unmet portion of these God-given desires reminds us that we are not home yet and that this world is only the “Introduction” to the real story that is yet to be lived beyond the grave.

It can be hard to accept unfulfilled longings when we live in a society hell-bent on trying to convince us that satisfying our desires is not only possible but should be our number one priority; but…

…some unfulfilled longings are healthy and divinely appointed!



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2 responses to “Unfulfilled longings

  1. Leslie

    Thank you for this reflection. I sometimes get discouraged when my longings are not ful-filled. Now I understand more of why. Thus, I realize, too, that some day they will be more than fulfilled. Lord, grant me the patience I need to wait until that day!

  2. AMEN!

    “We are strangers and pilgrims”
    “Occupy till I come”

    This world is NOT our home. God pleases to give us a fulfilling and satisfying life here but there will ALWAYS be unfilled desires in this life because of our spiritual natures which yearn for that time when we shall see Him face to face and be LIKE HIM!

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