Finding our “Thor” spot

Susan has always had a way with animals. They know they can trust her and she loves on them like few people I know. And it started at an early age as she grew up on a farm where there were always lots of farm animals, cats and usually a dog or two.

Thor, our Yorkie puppy whom I’ve mentioned before, is the newest addition to a long line of animals that have found their fair share of care and affection from Susan. Technically, he is a family pet and can co-exist just fine with any of us when Susan is gone, but he very obviously prefers her over the rest of us.

Yesterday we were running a few errands and had Thor with us. At one stop Susan and Brynden went into a grocery store for a quick pick-up while I stayed in the car with Thor – who whimpered the whole time! But a little while later we were on a longer stretch of road and Thor had settled into Susan’s lap and was as peaceful as a sleeping baby.

I motioned towards Thor and told Susan, “That’s what God wants you to experience with Him.” God wants us to rest peacefully in His love. No matter what circumstances or uncertainties we might be facing at the moment, God is still in control and we can trust in His goodness.

Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of God.

May we all find our “Thor” spot today!



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4 responses to “Finding our “Thor” spot

  1. Connie

    Love that story. Need to find that Thor spot with Him.

  2. Love the illustration. Resting completely, trusting Him – just what our Father desires.

  3. Suzanne

    I need that badly now also. Thanks for the post.

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