It’s healthy! Who knew?

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, that time of year when we are especially mindful to be grateful for all our blessings in life. I’ve spent this last week preparing two messages – one for Sunday AM as usual and another for the Nettle Creek Community Church Service at Sugar Grove Church in the PM.

I wasn’t surprised at how often the directive to be thankful is mentioned in Scripture, and I’ve long believed that being grateful is a generally good habit. But I wasn’t expecting to learn that such an attitude brought about notable health benefits. One article I read stated that:

A large body of recent work has suggested that people who are more grateful have higher levels of well-being. Grateful people are happier, less depressed, less stressed, and more satisfied with their lives and social relationships.

Gratitude has been said to have one of the strongest links with mental health of any character trait. Numerous studies suggest that grateful people are more likely to have higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress and depression.

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. God doesn’t set boundaries or give directives just because He can; but because they lead to a richer, healthier life. Want to feel better? Stop and count your blessings. Want to experience greater well-being?

Express gratitude to God or someone you appreciate today!



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2 responses to “It’s healthy! Who knew?

  1. Janice

    Living life as if it is all about us rather than about Jesus can make us very miserable and unhappy. The Lord tells us, “In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Being thankful in everything changes the whole perspective of any situation.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, Thursday and every day.

  2. Amen! God’s giving deserves our thanksgiving.

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