Hump Day Humor! Ouch! =)

Here’s another one of those pictures that begs for a funny caption. If you have any suggestions just post them as a comment.

That’s going to hurt in the morning!

That’s not what coach meant by “Keep your eye on the ball.”

That’s gonna leave a mark!



Filed under Humor, Just for fun

6 responses to “Hump Day Humor! Ouch! =)

  1. Hey, Good news guys! I see the valve!!

  2. Suzanne

    Is this what’s meant by “in your face”?

  3. Patriotism in extreme – adding stars to the stripes.

  4. Wendy Brook

    Did I opt for full dental coverage this year?

  5. Thanks for the responses gang! They are all great! =)

  6. Suanna Goodnight

    Honestly, Honey, I didn’t see it coming.

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