Center stage

Philip Yancey writes…

We all experience both an inner life and an outer life simultaneously. If I attend the same event as you (say, a party), I will take home similar “outer” facts about what happened and who was there but a wholly different “inner” point of view. My memory will dwell on what impression I made. Was I witty or charming? Did I offend someone or embarrass myself? Did I look good to others? Most likely, you will ask the same questions, but about yourself.

David seemed to view life differently. His exploits – killing wild animals bare-handed, felling Goliath, surviving Saul’s onslaughts, routing the Philistines – surely earned him a starring role. Nonetheless, as he reflected on those events and wrote poems about them, he found a way to make Jehovah, God of Israel, the one on center stage. Whatever the phrase “practicing the presence of God” means, David experienced it.

He intentionally involved God in the details of his life.

David had confidence that he mattered to God. After one narrow escape he wrote, “[God] rescued me because he delighted in me” (Psalm 18:19). When David felt betrayed by God, he let God know: it was he, after all, who first said the words, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” He called God into account, insisting God keep up the other end of their special relationship.

Throughout his life David believed, truly believed, that the spiritual world, though invisible to him, was every bit as real as the “natural” world of swords and spears and caves and thrones. His psalms form a record of a conscious effort to reorient his own daily life to the reality of that supernatural world beyond him. Now, centuries later, we can use those very same prayers as steps of faith, a path to lead us from an obsession with ourselves to the actual presence of our God.
~ From The Bible Jesus Read, p 131

So, who’s on center stage in our life?


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