Thanks for sharing the journey Bob!

The chance to share the journey of life with someone who is further along on the path is great, especially when they’ve set such a great example! Their insight and wisdom can be priceless!

Bob Yawberg served in located ministry for more than 4 decades before retiring; he travels now to help conduct regional Prayer Summits. Throughout all those years of walking with God Bob kept a journal. He has always had a heart for encouraging younger pastors and that continues yet today. 

Bob is taking some snippets from early journal entries and adding to them a present-day word of encouragement. It’s geared primarily towards those who are serving in church-staff positions but they are applicable to others as well. The title of his journals is a reflection of his journey with our Creator…

Saying Yes to God! 

Here’s a recent one that speaks to the issue of trusting God in the midst of financial uncertainties; something to which we can all relate!


1954-SEPTEMBER 29-JOURNAL ENTRY ~ God revived our faith again!  Marilyn has been working part-time at the Bowling Green State University book store, during the rush.  Now its over and she’s afraid she will lose her job.  Yesterday on the way home she cried.  Another girl had been selected for the opening. (Marilyn felt the other girl  was more attractive and that’s why she got it).

Quite discouraged because we’re in debt for $650.  I’m not doing well selling vacuum sweepers, sold only 8 in three months. We receive $30 a week from the church.  $20 for preaching, $5 for janitor work plus $40 a month rent. Hardly enough to keep us going.  Never been so broke!  But Marilyn adds, “never so happy either!”

Then this morning she came out all smiles and I knew what happened.  One of the girls in the store is quitting.  Marilyn stays on for good!  God has been with us constantly and has not let us down one more time.

2010-NOVEMBER 29-REFLECTION ~ Marilyn and I celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary last week. What a time to remember our beginnings, lean years and struggles that developed faith and trust in the lord.

When the above Journal Entry was written, we had been married less than a year.  I was a junior at BGSU and we were in our first year of ministry at Neapolis, OH.  Marilyn sacrificed to enable me to finish my under graduate work.  Although she did not attend college, she earned her PHT (put hubby through.) 

Today we count our blessings.  Only by the grace of our Lord have we come this far. As Marilyn found in I Samuel 7:12-  “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”  This also marks our 11th year of SYG emails.  

Better is a little with righteousness than great income with injustice.  The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”  Prov. 16:8-9 

SAYING YES TO GOD– bob and marilyn yawberg- Vol. XI  #13 (Adapted from 11/05)


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