The magic of a memory

Last week I visited with a gal from our church who is in a rehab center after having a hip replaced. She is a grand lady comfortably into her 90’s who retains all her wits and enjoys every day of life. Her one frustration is that she can’t physcially do what she once did.

As we sat together during one of her exercise sessions I asked her about a favorite Christmas memory. She seemed a bit caught off-guard at first but gave it some thought. What came to mind was the first Christmas in the new house she and her husband had built back in 1958. What made it special was having all the kids back home for Christmas.

She then turned the tables on me and asked the same question. I related how being the youngest of four boys meant being last to do or get most anything. But on Christmas mornings our parents had us line up in the hallway before walking out into the living room to see what Santa brought and I got to be first!

She enjoyed the story and it reminded her of another favorite memory. She was the middle of 5 girls and her mother had died when she was about 3 1/2 years old. She and the older two sisters went to live with a grandmother. When she outgrew a grey winter coat that had fur-like material around the sleeves and collar her grandmother did something special with it one Christmas.

After she had gone to bed her grandmother took that coat, a favorite, and cut it up to make a coat for this gal’s dog! On it’s own it may not sound like much of a story but the twinkle in this her eyes was priceless! Reliving that single memory seemed to melt years off her face and wash her with a sense of sheer delight.

What’s one of your favorite Christmas memories? And who will you bump into today that might enjoy being asked the same question?

PS – Hey H’town family! This gal is Helen Foutz and she’s doing great! Keep the prayers and cards coming!


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2 responses to “The magic of a memory

  1. Leslie

    My favorite memory is having a guitar made out of rubber bands & a cigar box, playing it & singing with my dad sitting in front of our fireplace. My dad made me feel like the music I played was the best ever.

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