Not perfect, just sincere!

It was one of the first things that jumped out at us when we visited the church we now call home. They weren’t big in numbers but they were huge in heart and their sincerity is what made them special to us right away. I’m speaking of our choir.

Even though we weren’t able to make many of the rehearsals we – Susan, Kyrsten and I – jumped in near the end to lend our support to this year’s Christmas Cantata. And since last week’s performance was cancelled due to bad winter weather we had one more opportunity this week to work on the music.

Sally, our gifted choir director (and HUGE Colts fan, to put it mildly) encouraged us to not try too hard but simply relax and enjoy it.

We missed those who couldn’t be with us and we missed our share of notes here and there; but as Susan observed afterwards – “…when it comes from the heart it sounds wonderful.” The psalmist told us to make a joyful noise to the Lord, not a perfect one.

It is such a privilege to be part of a church family that welcomes average singers to participate, in order to be a blessing to others and ultimately to please God. I truly believe that God is pleased and that He will use our efforts to bless all those who join us for the Cantata.

And if you’re not otherwise engaged, join us this coming Sunday morning at Hagerstown Congregational Christian Church @10:30 a.m. for Night of the Father’s Love.




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6 responses to “Not perfect, just sincere!

  1. Suanna

    I have a narrow vocal range and can’t hit the nice high soprano notes but I only know how to sing melody. So my sopralto/altenor voice was accepted and I was not voted off the island – so to speak. I love church music and it is a very important part of the spirit of worship to me and I feel very blessed to be part of my first choral experience in singing this beautiful music.

  2. I love music and I love singing. I am not tone deaf because anything out of tune jars me – but I can’t sing a note in tune myself. I am VERY thankful for the gifts and talents I have but I often wish I could sing, even with a mediocre voice. One day I WILL be able to sing and I look forward to that.

    I think Hagerstown might be just a weeeeeeeeee bit too far for me to travel.

    • I suppose Hagerstown might be a bit far for a visit but I know you’ll be with us in spirit as we belong to the same kingdom family through Jesus! Hope you have a blessed Sunday on your side of the world! God bless!

  3. Christy

    Absolutely awesome!!! Loved Angels Making Their Rounds or something to that effect. Well done!! Sally and the choir rock!

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