My issue with Christmas cards

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Scrooge about all things Christmas and I very much appreciate the sentiment behind sending Christmas cards. But I do have one particular issue with a certain type of card.

Why is Jesus’ birth often depicted with images that are neat and clean and even royal?

Jesus was born in a manger; i.e. – a place where animals were kept, likely a cave in the side of a hill. It was dirty, stinky and anything but royal. Certainly not how I would have made my entrance were I the King of Kings!

Why would God send Jesus into the world in such a lowly manner?

Consider the usual trappings of an earthly monarchy. Long flowing robes. Sparkling jewels. Gold scepters. Regal crowns. Why does a monarchy have such decor? To demonstrate the importance of the royal family.

So why would God send Jesus into the world in such a lowly manner? Surely His value as the Son of God was deserving of more than a manger!

Why would Jesus give up all of heaven to enter life as a human baby born into the humblest of circumstances? What could have possibly motivated such an entrance?

His love for us!


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7 responses to “My issue with Christmas cards

  1. Certainly His love for us . . .
    and the fact that only Someone who was indeed MAN could become the Substitute for mankind. Only One who could fully represent God and fully represent man could redeem mankind.

    I agree with you about the “royal” Christmas cards – certainly not a true depiction. Neither are the ones with the wise men or the shepherds at the manger.

    An an ex-Catholic I do not like crucifixes, but the ones I really have an issue with are those (most of them) which show a human figure nicely presented – almost in repose. The Word tells us He had no form nor comliness. He was beaten and whipped and marred beyond recognition.

  2. For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son…

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  4. Me thinks, that if the birth was portrayed as it was, Christmas card sales would be very slim.

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