It’s OK to ask!

It was a moment that caught me off-guard and took my breath away! Those type of moments don’t happen very often but when they do you savor them; you tell everyone who will listen because it keeps the moment fresh in your mind.

This one took place a couple of days ago on a Sunday morning as we were getting ready for a church gathering. We were doing the usual things… getting dressed, putting on deodorant, brushing teeth… and then it happened.

Susan turned on the TV and began to surf the program schedule guide. That in itself wasn’t too unusual. It happens daily, but not typically on a Sunday morning. That’s what caught my attention. So I had to ask. I… I wasn’t prepared for the answer.

Susan was…

You might want to sit down or hang on to something.

Susan was checking to see when the football games were on and who was playing who!

I was hit with a wave of emotion the likes of which I’ve seldom experienced!

It’s not uncommon for Susan to watch the Colts with me or even ask me when they are playing, but she has never before checked the schedule herself. Wow! I was stunned! But then she offered an insight I hadn’t expected.

She told me that she was increasingly enjoying football because she was coming to understand it better. And then she went on to explain that she is understanding it better because I don’t mind answering her questions. Hmm! That’s pretty cool!

I’ve had the same thing happen in regard to God. Many people have had religion or church thrown at them or shoved down their throat without the opportunity to ask honest questions. I hate that!

The Scriptures are full of people asking questions of God. Some He answers and some He doesn’t. But the point is that it’s OK to ask. If we don’t have the freedom to ask we won’t have the opportunity to learn.

What questions do you have? Do you make it safe for others to ask their questions? Remember…

It’s OK to ask!



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3 responses to “It’s OK to ask!

  1. Christy

    The youth would like to put you in the hot seat sometime in January or February and fire questions at you. Hope you are ready!

  2. I think all Christians should wear an invisible sign: “PLEASE ask me questions”. We should all welcome questions and be ready to answer them honestly.

    God always welcomes honest questions and we have the best Teacher to answer them!

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