Let God lead and enjoy the dance!

It wasn’t like I was trying to do anything complicated. It was a simple enough task and didn’t even involve anyone else. But I couldn’t get it done!

I was prepping for our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and was up in the balcony running a CD through the sound system at church to practice a song. I no sooner hit the play button when the chimes began. Not the kind of chimes you hear from a clock, but the kind that play a melodious tune throughout the entire surrounding neighborhood!

In other words, I couldn’t just turn the music up because the chimes were too loud for that to help.

I hit the pause button and waited for them to finish. Then I hit the play button again. But then another tune – or verse – started. So I waited again. This went on several times, so I headed off to tackle another task. I eventually came back to the balcony and the CD player to practice the song. But…

You guessed it! The chimes kicked in AGAIN! I obviously wasn’t paying attention to the clock but must have landed on the exact moment when the chimes were due to play again.

Since I didn’t know how to stop them, and didn’t want to cut them off in mid-song, I again waited. Eventually I got my chance to practice the song. But I had to adjust my agenda to fit within the rhythm of the chimes.

We do that same thing with life and following God. We head off on what we think we should be doing only to find our efforts stopped dead in their tracks. Something beyond our control interrupts our rhythm. As frustrating as this can be, it serves to remind us that the story of life is NOT about us and we are not the Author of it.

God has a rhythm for each of us and we need to learn to move in step with Him according to that rhythm. Just like playing a musical instrument with others, we have to practice consistently. We won’t get it right all the time but we need to keep putting in the effort.

The key to being and staying in rhythm with God is to talk with Him – to pray. When you sense that you are out of step with God simply ask Him for wisdom to know what to do or where to head next. Then…

Let God lead and enjoy the dance!



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2 responses to “Let God lead and enjoy the dance!

  1. Doesn’t our great God have a habit of using the everyday occurrences of life to teach us? This is no surprise, since Jesus did the same when He was on earth.
    Our responsibility lies in LISTENING when He speaks. I wonder how many valuable lessons we miss (and resultant blessings we miss) when we fail to hear Him speaking to us?

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