I’m glad!

What a mess!

I realize that such a statement could be referring to a variety of situations. A teenagers bedroom. A frequently used refrigerator. A desk at work. The laundry room. Traffic around road work. Isles of stores just two days before Christmas!

But none of those is what occupies my mind. I’m thinking of all the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth.

  • A teenage girl pregnant out-of-wedlock!
  • Mary and Joseph traveling when she was ready to give birth!
  • Hoards of people swarming in and around Bethlehem!
  • Bunking with stinky animals in a stable!
  • The Lord of all creation fitted with – and filling – a diaper!
  • Being visited by shepherds – the most despised social class – who show up to share some unusual news about hearing from a group of heavenly hosts!

It’s as if God’s PR people or strategists were on hiatus. Such messy details surrounding a modern-day company would certainly result in some pink slips being handed out and the kind of news headlines that you try to avoid. But not God!

God seems to delight in demonstrating that He doesn’t need spotless people or neat and tidy situations in order to accomplish His kingdom agenda. I am very grateful because it means that anyone and everyone can participate. It’s not about how together we are but simply our faithfulness and obedience.

I’m glad!


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One response to “I’m glad!

  1. I’m glad too!
    What a privilege to be used by Him and how thankful I am that He uses me just the way I am. All praise to HIM! For He alone is worthy.

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