Let’s live it!

It wasn’t on my radar when the day began, but I spent several hours engaged in it. Call it silly. Call it hokey. Call it whatever you like, but I was hooked! I’m talking about American Ninja Warrior! Hiyaaa!!!!

For those of you unaware, likely most of you, Ninja Warrior is a very unique physical challenge that has been a mainstay in Japan for quite a few years now. Contestants try to run a gauntlet of obstacles that test their physical strength, agility and balance.

Some who participate do so very light-heartedly and it is rather humorous. But most make a serious attempt to complete the challenge. Many actually train throughout the year to improve their chances of completing the course.

Those who complete a stage within the designated time move on to the next stage. There are four stages in all and the course is so challenging that in some 25 seasons with thousands of people attempting the courses; only three Japanese men have ever actually completed the fourth and final stage.

Now, enter the good ol’ red, white and blue! There have been Americans who have gone over to compete but a couple of years ago we put a new twist on the competition.

Scaled down versions of the obstacles are constructed at Venice Beach California where hundreds of willing participants give it their best shot. The top 30 go on to attempt stage 2 and the best 15 get invited to the American Ninja Boot Camp. I’ll spare you the details but eventually the top 10 actually go to Japan to take on the “real deal” obstacles course.

This year there were more Americans who moved on to the second stage than Japanese. And 5 actually made it to Stage 3… where they all got bested by the course.

So, why tell you all this? Here’s my point. I spent hours the other day watching premiere athletes training and competing while I sat on my butt doing nothing! It’s not only ironic but downright ridiculous. I need to be more active and in better physical health. How pointless for me to sit and watch guys doing it!

But there is an even greater irony.

We can gather to sing and talk about God, even giving ourselves to serious study of His word; but if we never get out there and live differently or love others like God loves then what’s the point?

Today is a brand new opportunity! Let’s live it!


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  1. Now there is a challenge – and soooooooo well illustrated!

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