Highlights from 2010

It’s natural to pause and reflect on the past year just as a new one is about to peek around the corner. As I do, some highlights from 2010 stand out to me:

Family trip to Tennessee: We took off during Spring Break for a trip to Gatlinburg, TN. It was not our first trip to that location but it was our first stay in a three-story cabin and the whole trip was amazing! We all had space to enjoy, recreational activities that we don’t usually have at home and the chance to take in some special, local attractions. We missed Eli as he was busy with college but otherwise the trip was a great family get-a-way!

New Church Family: In mid-April we started a new adventure with the church family at Hagerstown Congregational Christian Church and we thank God for the opportunity! They are a wonderful group of people who have loved on us in ways we’d never experienced. Each day brings new reasons to appreciate them and we look forward to where God is taking us as we journey together into a new year!

Parent/Teen Extreme with Mykaela and Kyrsten: I’d done three of these 5-day adventures but this was the first with the girls. Our little girls have become young ladies and sharing this adventure with them was priceless! In their own ways they each inspired me in ways my spirit had never before experienced. God knit our hearts together and lavished us with His grace as He began to restore broken places in our hearts. The memories from this trip will stay with me forever!

A day with John: I wish everyone had a friend like John. We’ve shared the journey of life since college and no one more inspires me to love and serve God than John. After months of putting up my guard due to hurtful life situations John’s friendship and genuine concern broke through and reminded me of how much we need others to share the journey. Thanks for caring John!

Another Marriage Anniversary: I simply don’t deserve Susan! Life with her is a constant reminder of God’s overwhelming grace. She is amazing in more ways that I can begin to describe in what little space I have here. Celebrating 27 years of marriage doesn’t seem possible and I am thankful every day to be able to share the journey of life with my best friend! Thanks Babe!

An Evening with the Chapman’s: Steven Curtis Chapman has long been one of my favorite Christian musicians. This special evening involved most of his family and most of ours. His two boys – Caleb and Will – opened the evening with half-a-dozen songs, then played for their dad when Steven did his concert. And Steven’s wife Mary Beth spent about 25 minutes sharing about their family’s journey through the dark days of losing 5-year-old Maria in a tragic accident at their home in Nashville a couple of years ago. Their authenticity and faith to praise God with one hand and shake the other in anger/confusion at the heartache of losing a child inspired everyone who was there.

There are other highlights but these are the ones that stick out the most. Taking just a few moments to remember and blog about them has brought a wave of warm emotions and gratitude flooding my heart.

Why not take a few minutes to reflect on your own highlights from 2010?! I’d love to hear about them so drop me a note in the comment section and be as detailed as you want.



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4 responses to “Highlights from 2010

  1. Christy

    God pushed me in directions I would have not chosen this year. Trying the 30 Hour Famine and our own VBS were extremely scary for me, but two hilights for me in 2010. Proof I need to listen and trust more. Can’t wait to practice that more in 2011.

  2. There have been highlights and many lessons, but 2010 was a very quiet year for me.

    I have been very heavily involved in children’s and youth ministry for more than 30 years, but for the last 10 years I have worked (always in a voluntary capacity) for up to 16 hours a day and have travelled extensively in that time to conduct training seminars and workshops and to coordinate five day holiday clubs and camps.

    For personal reasons I had to resign at the beginning of 2010. For a few months I felt utterly empty, as if my whole world had collapsed. I learned many lessons.

    Now I am patiently waiting to see what new avenues of service will open to me in 2011 – working mainly from home.

    • Wow! Those are some major changes in your life. I’m sure they have come with some major life lessons as well. Exciting to see what God has in store for you in this next part of the journey! God bless!

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