Only His love!

It started Saturday evening before heading to bed; an achy-all-over feeling. Then I proceeded to sleep horribly which is another sure sign of an oncoming cold. By Sunday it was in full-bloom.

I managed to make it through church then got home and promptly collapsed – for the rest of the day! Monday was better as the achy-all-over feelings subsided but then the sore throat kicked in big time. My energy came in waves that allowed me some activity.

Then last evening, after eating some orange sherbet to help my sore throat, I got the chills. So I filled the bathtub with hot water and slowly settled in… ahhhh! Every muscle in my body relaxed as the warm water blanked every ache.

I don’t wish for anyone to be sick but if you’ve been there you know how comforting this can be. I think that’s exactly the kind of effect God wants His love to have on the aches and pains of our soul.

Your God is present among you,
   a strong Warrior there to save you.
Happy to have you back, he’ll calm you with his love
   and delight you with his songs.
     ~ Zephaniah 3:17 (The Message)

No matter what you have going on today or this week take time to pause and let God love on you.

Let His love soothe your spirit as only His love can do.



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2 responses to “Only His love!

  1. Sometimes I think the best “prayer times” are ones where no words are spoken, but we just sit and allow His arms to enfold us and love speaks in both directions. . . . . Precious times that should happen more often!

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