How might the world be different if…?

Dallas Willard has long been someone who challenges me in my commitment to follow Jesus. Willard teaches philosophy at USC and his books explore a discipleship that goes beyond the merely convenient to the kind of whole-life surrender that Jesus modeled and taught. Here’s a good example.

“If you want to experience the flow of love as never before, the next time you are in a competitive situation, pray that the others around you will be more outstanding, more praised, and more used of God than yourself. If Christians were universally to do this for each other, the earth would soon be filled with the knowledge of God’s glory.” ~ Dallas Willard
Don’t race past what you just read. Reread it. Think about it. Let it sink in and take root. Imagine what it might look like for you, for a situation in your life. This is how Jesus loved and we are called to do the same.
How might the world be different if we all loved liked this? 

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