A good day!

Yesterday was a good day!

It was Susan’s birthday. Being a Saturday we slept in a bit and then had her party around 10:00. After a few chores around the house Susan and I took off for Muncie for the day.

We shopped at the mall. Ate a late lunch at Panera Breads – one of Susan’s favorites. Shopped some more at a few different places. And then finally made our way back home around 7:00 pm.

We didn’t do anything super special. What made the day so good was just the chance to hang out together. When you enjoy being with someone almost anything you do together can be special and enjoyable.

That’s what God most desires. What He longs for more than anything else. Time together with us.

I hope you gather today with a faith community to celebrate God. Such times are special and not to be taken for granted. But don’t let that be the extent of your time together with Him.


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  1. “Together with Him” – the secret of a victorious Christian life.
    “Together with Him” – the joy of the Father in His children.

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