Willing to rearrange

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Josh had saved up a sizeable chunk of what he needed to buy an Xbox 360 game system. So Susan and I decided to extend him a “loan” to go ahead and get one. And since we were helping with the system we decided to go ahead and get one with the new Kinect sensor.

For those of you unaware, the Kinect sensor allows you to play games and activities without any controller. The Kinect sensor bar scans your body and uses your natural movements to play the game. It is amazing technology!

So we get the system home Saturday evening and set it up on the family TV in the family room. Since the Kinect sensor bar monitors your movements it is important to have a wide-open space to move around.

The set-up process coaches you to move furniture if necessary; and while we didn’t have to we were willing to were it necessary. The game was so engaging to us that we were willing to rearrange the furniture!

We do that in other areas of life. We reschedule one appointment in order to keep another. We make adjustments to accommodate an unexpected event that demands our attention. We rearrange whole days or weeks if something is important enough.

Ultimately, that’s what it means to follow Jesus and participate in God’s kingdom agenda. A willingness to adjust our plans in order to align ourselves with God’s bigger agenda.

It’s good to have a plan, an agenda as we head into a new week. But we must stay open to God’s plans and promptings. We must hold onto our agenda loosely and remain…

…willing to rearrange. 


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One response to “Willing to rearrange

  1. I am a goal setter with written goals and steps to achieve those goals. I am a “list” person and I re-prioritise my “to-do” list every morning . . . . . but you are so right!
    So often, even though I have determined my program for the day, God steps in and changes it. Maybe it is a phone call from someone with a need, or a visitor who wants advice – or any of a number of things.
    While my initial reaction might be one of frustration or even annoyance, whatever the interruption, it is necessary to adjust to God’s program – and then see the blessings!

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