Now that makes me nervous!

I enjoyed watching the Oregon vs. Auburn football game last night as they played for the NCAA National Championship in mens football, but it didn’t start out very pretty. Both teams were so nervous that the first quarter was like a comedy of errors.

But I suppose that’s understandable. It’s not every day that your team plays for such a big prize. And yet, as big a prize as that is, it’s only temporary. Such success is fleeting. It won’t last into eternity. And still we get nervous.

So why don’t we get nervous about how we live each day as followers of Jesus? How we do life, how we interact with others, how we respond to the difficult circumstances of life can have a HUGE impact on others.

What others witness in us can influence them either for or against making a decision to trust Jesus for their eternal destination. I’m not suggesting that their decision rests completely on us but that we do play a significant part in influencing such a decision.

That’s why God has us on this earth; to reflect His grace and glory and truth in such a way that those who do not yet know God might want to get to know Him… because of what they see in us.

Now that makes me nervous!


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One response to “Now that makes me nervous!

  1. We are the only Bible
    The careless world will read;
    We are the sinner’s Gospel,
    We are the scoffer’s creed.
    We are the Lord’s last message,
    Given in deed and word:
    What if the type is crooked?
    What if the print is blurred?

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