What’s your game plan?

We’ve just finished up with the annual college football bowl games and are closing in fast on the next Superbowl. Do you suppose any of the coaches involved went (or will go) onto the field of battle without a game plan? Not a chance!

Health and wellness… finances… home maintenance… relationships… education. No matter what area of life you consider, there is great benefit to having an intentional game plan for taking the next step; for making progress.

So what’s your game plan for drawing closer to God?

There are many aspects of growing in our walk with God and reading Scripture is a vital part of it. Every year I try a different approach and this year I’m trying two.

One is with Meet the Bible: A Panorama of God’s Word in Daily Readings. It’s by Philip Yancey and while it doesn’t cover every verse cover-to-cover it touches on the major themes and narratives from every book of the Bible to give a BIG PICTURE view of God’s story.

The other is 66 Love Letters by Larry Crabb Jr. which is very intriguing because of the whole premise behind it. He writes it as a dialogue between himself and God as if they were having a conversation about what it is God wants us to learn or get out of each letter of the Bible.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems that we often get so focused on individual verses that we run the risk of misunderstanding it or missing the point because we forget or ignore the bigger context. Sort of like the principle in the old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” So this year I intentionally want to be challenged in seeing the bigger picture of God’s story.

I’m not worried about keeping a strict schedule but merely making sure that I read something every day. I’m sure there will be an ocassional blog that shares something from what I’ve been reading in these resources. But for now my questions to you is…

What’s your game plan?

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One response to “What’s your game plan?

  1. Thanks for this challenge. I’ve always had a game plan. Up until last year I was totally involved (in a voluntary capacity) in a children’s ministry, working up to 16 hours a day and undertaking many, many trips away from home.
    It was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to have a game plan and indeed I would not have been able to accomplish all I did WITHOUT having that game plan, giving priority to spending time with Lord to be refreshed, energised and renewed and to receive guidance for the day.

    Sadly, now I am not so busy, I am less disciplined and I NEED to reset my game plan. My immediate thought is to read the Bible chronologically, getting the “big picture” in sequence but seeking personal lessons while doing so.

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