Always wanting more

Tennis and I have an on-again, off-again relationship. During Jr High I took lessons for a couple of summers. Then I picked it up again for a couple of years in college playing with the school’s team. Then last summer it became a family affair.

I haven’t always stayed active with my tennis playing but I have enjoyed periodically watching some of the big tournaments. This last week I’ve caught some of the Australian Open as it airs late at night due to the time difference.

I never cease to be amazed at how easy they make it look. They run around the court as if it were the size of a stamp. And some of them serve a ball at nearly 140 mph! Can you imagine a tennis ball coming at you that fast?

Since I don’t watch it all the time I don’t keep up on all the players so the commentary offered is invaluable. And I enjoy the background stories of these men and women who commit so much time and energy to a sport they truly love.

Last evening I was watching a match involving a guy from England who is ranked #5 in the world. He easily defeated his opponent who is ranked #32. What stuck out to me was a comment about particular types of shots that this player had been working on in practice.

These players are the best in the world and yet they are always striving for more; stretching themselves to learn and grow. That brought to mind a passage from Paul. After describing his desire to become more like Jesus and experience the kind of full and abundant life made possible by the Holy Spirit, Paul writes…

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. ~ Philippians 3:12

Paul had already been used by God to accomplish amazing things in spreading the Gospel, yet He desired more. He could have settled for where he was in his relationship with God but he pressed on for more.

Are we stuck where we are or are we pressing on for more?


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3 responses to “Always wanting more

  1. Tennis was my sport all through high school, and I still own the record for longest match in Bellmont High School history. Three hours and forty-five minutes….a match which had 32 games in the last set alone…a match which I lost. I remember how grueling that game could be but with practice and determination I always became better to the point where I was undefeated my sophomore year and played number one my senior year. As an artist now I always try to better myself in another gift God gave me. I loved your comparison to Paul’s never ending goal of being all he knew Christ wanted him to be. We all need his attitude. Thanks Rick!

  2. Mr Anon says:

    >>> I am going downhill when my work is equal to my abilities.

    >>> The only difference between a rut and a grave is in their dimensions.

    Many people settle for mediocrity but a Christian should strive for excellence. We have all the resources of heaven to enable us to reach our full potential. We offend the Giver of our gifts when we do not reach His potential for us.

    Good, better, best
    Never let it rest
    Until your good is better
    And your better is best

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