Knowing their stories

Australian Open 2011

Image by ultrakml via Flickr

When I started watching the Australian Open two weeks ago I wasn’t pulling for anyone in particular to win. It has been a while since I’ve watched tennis so I really didn’t know much about any of them. I began watching simply because I enjoy tennis. But that all changed.

The more I watched the more I got to know each player. During every match the commentators would share little tidbits about them. I learned their stories. Personal challenges they’d been through. Struggles with injuries. How meaningful it would be to win a major title because no one from their country had ever done so. That kind of expectation can create a lot of pressure!

All of a sudden I found myself pulling for certain players to win.


Because they were no longer just unknown tennis players; strangers competing at a sport. As I learned their stories I became invested in them as individuals. Knowing their stories made me care.

It’s easy to brush past people or disregard them because they are strangers to us. But in God’s eyes their are no strangers and every human being is a precious individual made in His image. And everyone has a story.

Don’t race past those who cross your path today. They matter to God and He might just want to use you to influence their story. He may want to demonstrate His love through you today even with people you don’t know.

We must always be ready!



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2 responses to “Knowing their stories

  1. So true. We tend to ignore so many and so much, but every person who crosses our path is loved by God and could be placed at that time and place as an opportunity for us to show them His love. May we ALWAYS be aware of His leading and ALWAYS be willing to share His love with ALL with whom we cross paths.

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