Sing someone else’s song

It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I have a married son and a daughter-in-law but I’m slowly processing the boatload of emotions that go with such a special event. One of the best parts of the wedding  last weekend was when Sam surprised Valerie by singing to her.

Using his guitar Sam sang “Love Me Tender” by Elvis. What makes this so special is that Elvis is Valerie’s all-time favorite crooner; but Sam can’t stand his songs. And yet, Sam loves Valerie so much that he sang what was one of her favorite songs. How cool is that?!

Years ago I was part of a counseling class with Bob Yawberg, one of my mentors, and when he taught the section on marriage he used the musical The Music Man as an example of the kind of love God intended for a man and woman to share.

In The Music Man the male lead comes to town singing his own song while the female lead is off singing her own song. As the story progresses they go from not liking each other to have feelings for each other and eventually their love fully blossoms. The moment of realizing or expressing their love for each other comes when they are together and singing but they are singing each others song.

Bob pointed out that real love, the kind of love that God demonstrates for us and intends for our marriages, is when we let go of our own song and sing the other persons’ song. That’s what Jesus modeled for us when He gave up all the glory of heaven to become one of us and die on the cross for our sins.

It doesn’t have to be a song. It could be doing a chore that your spouse hates to do. Or treating them to their favorite place to eat. Do they like little gifts or cards or flowers or…

Be creative and find a way to… 

Sing someone else’s song!



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5 responses to “Sing someone else’s song

  1. Jenny King

    Rick, That was so well said! I am so happy that the wedding went smoothly and it sounds like it was beautiful!

    You and Susan are true examples of what it means to show God’s love! I know this hasn’t been easy for all of you, but you put yourselves aside and let God shine through 🙂

    We wish Sam and Valerie many happy years together and God’s blessing on their lives.

    Miss seeing you and your awesome family!

    Love, Jenny

  2. Wonderful life-illustration challenge.
    I think we can apply the same challenge to our love for the Lord. Sometimes we are called to do something out of our comfort zone or something we don’t enjoy doing – but we do it because it is what the Lord requires of us and because we love Him. When we do, He always rewards – and He uses a bigger shovel!

  3. Connie

    Now I’m really sorry I missed the wedding! Guess I’ll have to do something for Warren tonight. Love you

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