Why a woman?

Luke 15 is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. The socially outcast are gathering around Jesus. The religious leaders are grumbling. And Jesus launches into three parables.

The second parable is about a woman who misplaced a coin and turns the house upside down looking everywhere until she finally finds it. Then she gathers her friends and they celebrate. But it begs a certain question.

Why a woman?

Answer: Because men don’t move anything to find something that is lost!

Come on! You know it’s true! We just don’t have it in our DNA.

The other night I was looking for an exercise DVD that I haven’t used in a while. I know… it’s obvious!

There are three basic places it could have been. I checked one spot – no luck. I checked another spot – nope. I checked the third spot – nada. So I rechecked the first place – still not there. I rechecked the second spot – no luck. Frustrated, I gave up and went on to something else.

Then Susan took a crack at it and within 20 seconds she finds it. It was in the first place I looked – and I looked there TWICE! Go figure!

We usually don’t look all that long for something that is lost. Generally, we give up. We figure that it will show up sooner or later. But every once in a while we misplace something so valuable that we don’t quit.

When was the last time you lost something so important, so vital that you didn’t quit looking until you found it and what was it?

For God, it’s one more lost soul!



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6 responses to “Why a woman?

  1. I took a day off last week and I put together a beautiful 1000 piece jigsaw. There is one piece missing. Now this is a new jigsaw – a top quality jigsaw which was a gift. I KNOW that piece must be somewhere and I was only working at the one table.

    Being a woman, I moved everything looking for that piece. No, it has no value, but I know it must be there – and I am usually good at finding lost items. That jigsaw with one piece missing will remain there until completed.

    >> “For God it is one more lost soul”

    I should be placing more value and determination on the lost souls around me. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Sherri

    This is to Meetingintheclouds….my husbands family when finding out someone is putting together a jigsaw puzzle will usually sneak a piece of the puzzle and put it in there wallet just to aggrovate you…LOL I know its not that in your circumstance but your story made me think of this and I just laughed to myself….I, to hope you find the puzzle piece because it is annoying to put something like that together and 1 piece to be gone….Also Rick thanks for the reminder 🙂

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