A relentless warrior

Savate is a form of French martial arts that resembles kick-boxing but relies more heavily on kicks. I learned about it from Eli who recently saw it profiled on History Channel’s Human Weapon.

The show is hosted by Jason Chambers and Bill Duff who travel the world learning and experiencing various forms of fighting. In this particular episode they visit France to learn about and train in Savate; sometimes called French boxing.

The guys start by visiting Marseille, Frances oldest city and the place where Savate started. They arrive just in time for the Savate National Championships.

After the matches Bill and Jason are introduced to Gilles Le Duigou, a former Champion and a legend in the sport. He once fought a match in Japan and broke both his arms, but kept fighting and eventually won the match using only kicks. How amazing is that?!

How many of us would have stopped after the first broken arm and who in their right mind would criticize someone for doing so?! But this man’s courage and determination drove him to keep going and he was victorious!

As followers of Jesus we called to be prayer warriors for the kingdom of God. But we need to be more persistent; more determined in battling for God’s work  of grace in people lives and within our communities. Paul encouraged the believers in Thessalonica to…

… pray without ceasing… ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

What might God accomplish through us if we prayed with the kind of determination with which Gilles Le Duigou fought?



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2 responses to “A relentless warrior

  1. >> What might God accomplish?

    We say we want to see revival but our actions don’t show it.

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