Just one of many!

Yesterday Josh participated in a special choral program in New Castle, Indiana; but it didn’t happen over-night. First, he had to express an interest to his choir teacher. Then he had to try out and be accepted into the program. And then he had to stay after school on certain days to work on the new music.

On the day of the event he had to be out of bed by 6:30 a.m. – no small feat for a teenage boy on a Saturday! And with a lunch bag in hand he boarded a bus at 7:30. It was an all day event with LOTS of rehearsals before the final performance; and they did a great job! We are very proud of Josh!

This wasn’t our first go at this sort of thing. The girls participated for two years when they were in Jr High and this is Josh’s second year. But as I sat there in the school auditorium listening to the choir sing it suddenly hit me that in 12 other regions all around Indiana – at that very moment – hundreds of other kids were singing the same songs!

I know what some of you are thinking. “Duh Alvey, that’s why they call it Circle the State in Song.” I guess I knew it but it just never hit me like it did yesterday. Then I got to thinking about how the same thing happens when we gather weekly to celebrate and worship God.

The songs may be different. The order of services may be different. Even the cultures and clothes and languages may be different. But when we gather with our church family, millions of Jesus-followers all around the world are also gathering for the same purpose – to honor God and share in His love.

We are individual churches but collectively we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We are part of God’s kingdom. We are part of His family. We are…

… just one of many!


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