Mmmm… Sweet!

So what’s your DOC? I.e. – Dessert of Choice

I don’t really have just one. It sort of depends on what I just ate. Some meals call for cake and ice cream. Others sort of lead to cookies (preferably iced M&M or Butterscotch Oatmeal). A big Thanksgiving meal really demands a good cherry or pumpkin pie.

As you can tell I seldom meet a dessert I don’t enjoy! The only ones I tend to avoid are anything with coconut. But there is one that is a daily staple. Special dark chocolate with almonds! We have some at home but I also keep some at the office. Yesterday I opened a new bag at the office and the sweet aroma surprised my senses with waves of delight!

Are there favorite aroma’s that grab your attention and draw you in? A fresh pie out of the oven? A certain flowery scent? The smell of grass after it’s been cut? The air after a fresh spring rain? There is no denying that aromas have a strange and mysterious effect.

Fragrance or aroma is what Paul had in mind when he wrote:

But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s victory parade. God uses us to spread his knowledge everywhere like a sweet-smelling perfume. Our offering to God is this: We are the sweet smell of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are being lost. To those who are lost, we are the smell of death that brings death, but to those who are being saved, we are the smell of life that brings life. ~ 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 (New Century Version)

Our lives are a sweet aroma to God! How cool is that?! But notice that Paul says we are led as “captives in Christ’s victory parade.” In a Roman triumphal procession, the Roman general would display his treasures and captives amidst a cloud of incense burned for the gods. To the victors, the aroma was sweet; to the captives in the parade, it was the smell of slavery and death.

All of this happens only when we are led as captives; when we are completely surrendered to the Lordship of Christ Jesus. When this happens it is…




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2 responses to “Mmmm… Sweet!

  1. Darla Randall


    God uses you in POWERFUL ways, Brother!
    THANK YOU for being faithful in allowing Him to use you to speak to me!

    THIS is something I can ponder all day…

    I definitely want to be a sweet-smelling perfume!


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