I’m just not very good at it

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Friday evening I was sitting in the family room with Susan and heard Rex (the cat) howling to be let in so I sat my computer up on the window sill and got up. These particular window sills are about 12 inches deep and I’ve done this hundreds of times.

Yep! You guessed it. Somehow I didn’t get the computer far enough onto the shelf and it did a nose dive three feet onto the tile floor. Stink! In case you’re wondering, laptops are not generally designed to withstand such abuse and mine quit working.

A friend who is good with computers is helping me with the repairs but the hard drive was damaged so all of my documents, pictures and videos are lost. This same friend made several valiant attempts to retrieve this data but all to no avail.

The really sad part is that I could have backed up all this data by copying it to an external hard drive. In fact, I have a brand new one bought specifically for that purpose 8 months ago that is still in the box. I just kept putting it off as something I would do later.

I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say I’ve done this same thing in other areas of life. I put it off thinking I’ll get to it later and then end up getting bit in the butt because I didn’t get around to it. The truth is…

I’m just not very good at maintenance!

While this can create a lot of headaches when dealing with physical items like laptops, it is especially critical and damaging when we do this with relationships. Failure to maintain intimacy has led to many broken marriages and friendships.

Most important of all is our relationship with God. There are many good and important things we can do to work at a growing relationship with God and being consistent in gathering with fellow believers on a weekly basis is one of them.

Whatever church family it is that you call home, don’t take it for granted. Stay involved and be part of what God is doing to grow greater intimacy in your relationship with Him.



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2 responses to “I’m just not very good at it

  1. Hi Rick…I am SO sorry about that accident. I dropped my macbook on Jan . 19th when we had that freezing mist early that morning and It fell as hard as I did. Fortunately for me MY hard drive in intact but the screen is ruined to the tune of over $300.00…however now I have a backup and need to get the info transferred to the new drive. More importantly is how my hard fall did not really have serious consequences for me in the long run.
    Never been one for maintenance much myself…so I understand Stink! I so appreciate you sharing a very important lesson for us all in the spiritual realm. God bless you every day even in the losses you face.

    • Wow! Sorry to hear about your laptop mishap but glad that the fall was not serious for you. Amazing how things can happen in the blink of an eye! I got my computer back today as a good friend was able to replace the hard drive and restart my system. Felt like getting an old friend back. Ha! Thanks for sharing the journey Bill. God bless!

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