I need to say it more often!

Yesterday I stopped by a local nursing home to check on an elderly gentleman who is part of our church family. He’s been there for a few weeks now but is expecting to go home in a couple of days.

He said that it’s been hard to be there because there are a lot of older folks who have been there a long time. He mentioned that his brief stay has made him mindful of how fragile life is and how grateful he is for the life that he’s enjoyed; for how blessed he’s been. Quite an attitude for a fella who has battled Parkinson’s Disease for more than a decade.

As I got back in my car and headed for the office I found myself stopping to reflect on all the things for which I can be grateful. And I realized that I dont’ pause often enough to say “thank you.”

Last week Susan was under the weather and four ladies from church took it upon themselves to surprise us with meals for several nights. What a blessing! Thank you!

If you read my blog Sunday you know I dropped my laptop and it quit working. A good friend helped me out by replacing the hard drive and reprogramming it to factory settings. I’m inspired by his servants’ heart. Thank you!

My audience of those reading this blog has nearly doubled in the last month. I’m humbled and encouraged by all of you who are sharing this journey and inviting others to join us. Thank you!

I have a wife who is not perfect but is absolutely amazing in many, many ways and is my best friend. I’m staggered by her patience with me and grateful that she chooses to continue sharing the journey even when it feels like a roller coaster at times. Thank you!

Most days I take for granted or forget to appreciate all that God lavishes us with in Jesus. Love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, intimacy, peace, joy, new life, truth… and the promise of being with us forever!  Thank You!

I’ll be honest. Most days it’s just as easy for me to see the glass as being half empty as it is for me to see it as half full. I needed the reminder to pause and be grateful. What do you have to be grateful for and to whom do you need to say…

Thank you!



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6 responses to “I need to say it more often!

  1. Leslie

    For your willingness to serve God & using this blog to further His kingdom – Thank you!

  2. Janice

    Thanks for the reminder, Rick.

    One day I decided to thank God for my breakfast and here is where it led me. Thank you for the bacon, the pig that the bacon came from, the people in the store that sold it to me, the trucker who transported it to the store, the people who butchered the pig, the person who transported the pig to the slaughter house, the farmer who raised the pig, the farmers who grew the grain to feed the pig etc. etc. etc.

    We indeed do take a lot for granted, probably 99% of our life but the Lord is so gracious and loves us anyway.

  3. Darla Randall

    and when my heart is grateful, it is most joyful!

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