Small brain waves are hard to surf!

As a general rule I don’t much care for writing my blog late at night. There are those rare occasions when the creative juices start flowing even when it’s late; but more often than not it is a bad time for me to be writing. It’s the age-old issue of just plain being too tired!

I was never one to pull all-nighters in college to cram for a test or finish a project. At a certain point in the process the brain waves just get too small to surf and I have to hang it up till tomorrow. And age has only made that “certain point” come earlier in the evening!

When I try to write late at night and am too tired my thoughts get blurry… thoughts get blurry… thoughts get… Sorry! My bad! But you get the point. The same holds true with trying to read a book or do any sort of work involving numbers.

It affects relationships as well! Susan and I learned long ago that if the discussion (heated debate) goes too far into the wee hours then misunderstandings can quickly morph from mole hills to mountains! Certain activities are just better suited for when the energy is high and strong.

So let me ask you a personal question. What part of the day does God get? Do you spend focused time with Him earlier in the day when your energy and focus are strong or do you give Him what is left over at the end of a busy and hectic day?

I’ll admit that this isn’t true for everyone. Some people are more sluggish at the start of the day and sharper as the night goes on. But the question is still the same. Are you giving God the best of your day or the worst? Don’t dismiss this question without giving it some consideration because when it comes to influencing the quality of your relationship with God…

It makes a difference!



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2 responses to “Small brain waves are hard to surf!

  1. Leslie

    Wow. Very thought provoking. Something I really need to work on. In reading this, I realize God gets the leftovers. He should be getting the best from me. Thank you, Rick, for the insight.

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