I never saw it coming!

Kidney stone with a maximum dimension of 5mm.

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The symptoms had been going on for nearly a week. A bloated feeling in my lower abdomen area around my bladder. A dull ache in the lower regions – enough said. And fluids exiting my body in various shades of purple.

By Friday evening the symptoms were not showing any signs of letting up and the discomfort was growing; so following the advice of my wise and caring wife (two points) I headed off for the ER at 8:30 at night.

After a urine test, a CT scan, and two x-rays a diagnosis was made. A kidney stone! A 6mm rough-edged ball of pain and suffering that was being very stubborn. That particular size of stone is especially tricky because they are capable of passing on their own but don’t always do so.

But I never saw it coming!

My history with kidney stones dates back 12 years. The first one came in the middle of the night and felt like a knife in the back. At first, I thought I was going to die and after what seemed like an eternity (a few minutes) of pain unlike anything I’d ever experienced I actually wanted to die!

Now before you poo-poo my low threshold of pain you should know that Susan passed a stone the same size a few years back and said afterwards that she would rather give birth to another kid than go through that again.

Since that first stone I’ve had several more; one requiring surgery. So I am well-versed on the various signs of a kidney stone attack; or so I thought. This one didn’t act like the others. Certain familiar symptoms were missing and a few new, odd ones were present.

I’ll be honest. There were a few times this week when my mind gravitated toward the WCS – Worst Case Scenario. I couldn’t help but wonder if it might be something very serious. Paranoid you say?! I don’t think so.

During this same week a friend told Susan of a couple they know who were BOTH recently diagnosed with cancer just two days apart! And before going to the ER I conducted a funeral for a 79-year-old gal who was healthy and full of life until an aneurism suddenly and unexpectedly took her life.

My point? Life is fragile and death is unpredictable! Don’t take even one day for granted! Live each day as if it were your last one here on earth and don’t put off doing or saying those things that really matter!

Make every moment count!



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4 responses to “I never saw it coming!

  1. Tracy Stewart

    How ironic to read the morning after one of Kaylee’s good friends was shot during a robbery in his home. He’s 16 (Kaylee went to homecoming with him last year). The bullet went through his abdomen and out his back missing all major arteries and organs! Praise God! The entire Clinton county community and East Clinton High School would absolutely agree with every word in your blog. It’s just said to realize how much we have to be shaken up to understand how precious every breath of every person is!

  2. Janice

    That is a big stone. I hope you are feeling better.

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