Got questions?

If all goes according to plan I get to meet with our youth group tonight to answer – or at least discuss – some questions that they have. They range from the silly to the serious. Here’s a sampling…

  • Why are you bald?
  • Will you do my homework?
  • Will you buy me pizza?
  • Can you explain to me how dinosaurs were there if there is credible proof that humans did not exist with them?
  • I feel like God doesn’t listen to my prayers.
  • What do you do when you are faced with a situation to decide between God or something else?
  • Why is it, when I’m in a hard situation that God doesn’t seem to be around?
  • Why does it take so long for God to show us his plan for us and our purpose in life?
  • Why does God put us through so many trials (hard times) if he loves us the way he says?
  • What should I do about bullies?
  • Why does God let bad things happen to good people?
  • How will we know when God has answered us or talked to us?

Wow! Those are some good questions. I’m so grateful for the chance to dialog with them about such heavy stuff. Some churches or pastors might not care for people asking questions but I think it’s a vital part of our faith journey; no matter what age we are.

Several months ago I got the chance to talk with an elderly man who has been in church all of his life but wasn’t sure he had the “constitution” to have a personal relationship with His Creator. What a privilege to share with Him about how God has wired each of us differently for an intimate relationship with Himself!

Just a couple of weeks ago I met with a gal who is not quite middle-aged and had a few questions. We talked for nearly three hours! What a blessing!

I don’t have all the answers and am quick to let people know that even as I’ve discovered some answers along the way I’ve also picked up some new questions too! There is real value in not only getting some of the answers we’re looking for but in growing from the chance to explore our questions together and share the journey.

I hope you have a safe place to ask your questions. If you don’t, then feel free to drop me a note and perhaps we can meet up or exchange some emails. Who knows, maybe God will use us to encourage and challenge one another!



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2 responses to “Got questions?

  1. Darla

    I’m always so encouraged when I have any opportunity to spend time with you, Brother Rick! God uses you in such powerful ways because you are AUTHENTIC!


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