“He’s refusing to poop outside!”

If you read my blog on a regular basis you are likely aware that this has been an eventful week for our family with the birth of our first grandson – Aaron Tyler Alvey. And the new little family is doing great! Praise God!

For those who voted last Tuesday – “Papaw” got the most votes followed closely by “Grandpa.” Thanks for helping me try out this new poll application!

It started last Friday with a sudden, unexpected trip to Indy. On Saturday we came home to check on the other kids. On Sunday we went back to Indy. On Tuesday we came home for a basketball banquet for Kyrsten. On Wednesday we headed back to Indy until coming home again yesterday (Friday). WHEW!!!

From the very beginning God has taken care of the details. Eli came home from college for spring break just hours before we had to leave. He’s been home all week to oversee the house and transport kids. Folks from our church family have helped us in countless ways – they really are the best! The kids at home pitched in to take care of stuff all week. All-in-all things have gone smoothly… except for Thor!

Apparently all dogs, but especially Yorkies’, not only get attached to their owners but can struggle with attitude when left for several days. Thor is a family dog but his primary attachment is to Susan – hands down!

He had food and water. He got played with and loved on. He even did some extra “dish diving” – licking plates in the dishwasher before they get run through a cycle. And yet, Thor was not content. He was out of sorts because Susan wasn’t home!

It reached a head when on one phone call to check in with the kids Susan heard, “He’s refusing to poop outside!”  He tends to be slightly stubborn in that regard anyway, but it became a real issue when Susan was gone for several days in a row.

Once I got past the annoyance of Thors’ discontent it dawned on me that we should all be so close to God that when we go for very long without pausing to be aware of His presence it leaves us disoriented… out-of-sorts… discontent.

That’s the kind of intimacy I want with God!

          That’s the kind of closeness He longs for with us!

                    That’s what Jesus gave His life to make possible!



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2 responses to ““He’s refusing to poop outside!”

  1. internet elias

    Oh my! God is surely on ones mind when he sees a good application in a dogs ‘poop’ habits. How very rich. lol. And I see those applications daily through the critters all around at our rural abode. Just yesterday as my husband and I worked at our empty renter house, the big black and white cat which took up residence in an out building there…again (as she always does) joined us in the porch swing. My husband visits her daily making sure of food and water…and she responds with such ‘fellowship.’ As ususal, she ‘talks’ to us…shows affection…respect and admiration. Even the critters know that God is Love. And the critters give and take that Love sooooo readily.

    Congrats on the new little gift from God.


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