Fast-food smackdown!

I was mildly surprised to learn a couple of weeks ago that Subway has now surpassed McDonald’s in number of restaurants world-wide. Apparently, Subway took first place in the U.S. nine years ago. It’s sort of like a fast-food smackdown and Subway is winning.

I imagine that the number of people who have bothered to give this a second thought are few but I am one of them. To what can we attribute this shift in popularity?

My initial impression is that this is a good move towards healthier eating habits. That’s obviously a positive trend. But then it dawned on me that this pursuit of healthier is likely due to the nature of it being fast-food. My point is – it’s convenient.

I’m not against convenience; it’s one of my favorite things in life! I’m just making the observation that the pursuit of anything that’s convenient is less significant than pursuing something when it is a challenge.

My other observation is that while eating better is a good start, without an exercise routine it is incomplete. The two go hand-in hand.

The very same principle applies to our relationship with God.

I hope that either last night or today you made time to gather with other Jesus-followers at a faith community to celebrate God and encourage one another. But that’s not enough!

We need to be engaging God daily through prayer, meditating on His word, walking in His Spirit, offering songs of praise… The avenues are endless but the key is to be pursuing Him daily, moment-by-moment.

Along with gathering together as a faith community, what are you doing to pursue greater intimacy with God?


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