Did you see that!

One of my favorite things about March Madness is that on any given day any basketball team can win! It doesn’t matter what your ranking is. It doesn’t matter what your win-loss record is. It doesn’t matter how many fans you have in the stands. Any team can win!

We’re only into the third round of this year’s tournament but already there have been quite a few close games and a couple of upsets. For residents of Indiana the biggest upset so far came Saturday night when 8th ranked Butler (Indianapolis) beat #1 ranked Pitt by one point!

It was a closely fought contest that came down to the wire before a free throw with 0.8 seconds left put Butler up by one. Wow!

That’s also one of my favorite things about following Jesus! It doesn’t matter how big the task is or how small and insignificant we might feel, with God all things are possible.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. ~ Philippians 4:13 (NLT)

God calls us to accomplish deeds in life much weightier than winning a basketball game. But too often we shortchange what God can accomplish through us because we limit Him; we focus on our ability rather than His.

What is it that God might want to accomplish through you and I this week that might leave others saying…

Did you see that! 



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2 responses to “Did you see that!

  1. Darla Randall

    God inspires me through you! THANK YOU!

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