Jesus was a public relations nightmare


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I don’t think Jesus knew much about good public relations; at least not the kind that we tend to pay attention to. Sometimes, what He did can seem to make no sense at all.

Jesus begins His public ministry by turning water into wine thus rescuing the groom and his family from not only a social embarrassment but a possible fine. That’s how seriously 1st century Jews took their wedding celebrations! (John 2:1-11)

But then Jesus moves on to Jerusalem and the Passover celebration where He deliberately runs the merchants out of the temple courts. (John 2:12-25) Sort of destroys the notion that Jesus was mamby pamby or what we might call milk toast!

And this was no hot-headed outburst like road rage. Reread the text for yourself and notice that Jesus takes the time to make a whip out of cords. His outrage was deliberate and intentional!

If you’re trying to build a large following and get people on board with your new Kingdom agenda, wouldn’t a little more finesse and tact be in order? Don’t you want to work on gaining the favor of the people? No?! Then why would Jesus display such outrage?

Because His sole purpose in life was to please God.

Jesus loved people enough to take on our human nature and suffer a brutal death at the hands of the Romans; but apparently there were times when He didn’t give a rats’ a** about popular opinion. If it came down to pleasing the Father or pleasing people, the Father came first EVERY TIME!

This sort of begs a question that each of us needs to wrestle over.

Who are we living to please?


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