Big-time inspiration from a Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer /sohl serf-er/ – noun; 1. A term coined in the 1970s, used to describe a talented surfer who surfs for the sheer pleasure of it. Although they may still enter competitions, a Soul Surfer’s motives go beyond winning.

Bethany Hamilton’s real life story is nothing short of AMAZING! She entered and won her first surf competition at age eight. She was a natural with nothing but promise ahead of her. But on Halloween morning 2003 everything changed.

Bethany was attached by a 14-foot tiger shark, which bit off her left arm. Despite losing more than 60% of her blood she survived; enduring several surgeries. And just one month after the attack Bethany was back in the water to surf.

Two months later, Bethany placed fifth in the Open Women’s division surf competition and just over a year after the attack she won her first National Title. In 2007 Bethany realized her life-long dream and turned pro.

A few weeks ago Susan and I had the chance to watch the movie Soul Surfer at a special preview screening in Indianapolis. It was absolutely inspiring! I’m not always quick to recommend movies because people’s tastes can vary so much but I have no hesitation about this one. It opens this coming weekend – April 8th – and you need to go see it!

“It has been an incredible journey for me and now, I’m just so excited to share it!” says Bethany.

“Bethany’s story is so powerful,” says Soul Surfer Director Sean McNamara. “Most people would have given up after what happened to her, but not only did she make an amazing return to surfing, she excelled at it, and has turned her life into an inspiration for people all around the world. She is someone you look at and think, ‘If she can do all the incredible things she’s done, I can set the world on fire, too.'” says Sean.

You can watch a trailer for the movie at:



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