The script hasn’t been written.

Well it’s over! Another Final Four has come to a close. I’m sure everyone has their favorite moments even if the game didn’t go the way they wanted. For me that moment came before the game even began when they were doing some player interviews.

Among all the sentiments shared Matt Howard of Butler said, “The script hasn’t been written.”

No matter what the “experts” say, no matter what ranking a team is given, no matter what happened yesterday or last year; nobody knows what the outcome will be until the game is actually played.

The same truth applies to you and me. It doesn’t matter what others might think of us. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or last year. The moment is now and the script hasn’t been written.

This is a new day… this is a new moment… what will we do to impact eternity?



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4 responses to “The script hasn’t been written.

  1. Leslie

    Thank you, Rick, for that reminder. Thank God that the past doesn’t matter. My script, as old as I am, hasn’t been written yet. Praise God!

  2. Carolyn Poer

    Matt Howard seems like quite a remarkable young man!

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