More quickly than rabbits reproduce!

We don’t know much about landscaping but we do know what we like. We enjoy variety and prefer low-maintenance shrubs; but there are those bushes that tend to get out of control. One of those is Prairie Grass.

It pops up seemingly overnight every Spring. It’s fun to watch blow in the wind but it also seems to spread and grow wider more quickly than rabbits reproduce! So periodically you have to trim the bush back and dig up the roots. But therein lies the problem!

The roots of Prairie Grass are some of the most stubborn I’ve ever encountered! They grow closely together and twist in such a way that it can feel like trying to cut through cement with a butter knife! Last weekend we tackled one of our three bushes.

I came and went as I was working on other projects but Susan worked with all four kids who took turns with shovels of various shapes and sizes as well as an ax to cut through the roots. It was definitely a team effort!

Sin can be just as stubborn. Greed, lust, gossip, envy, unforgiveness, eating or drinking or working to excess… etc. Each and every one of us is vulnerable. Over time sin can create thought patterns and habits that get us into ruts that lead to dead ends.

The reason God is so passionate about dealing with our sin is because it messes with our ability to fellowship with Him. Sin doesn’t make God love us any less but it restricts and inhibits the kind of close relationship He created and redeemed us to enjoy.

But sin is often a bigger issue than we can tackle on our own. That’s when we need others in our life who can team up with us to pray and encourage and challenge us to become all that God intends.

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other… ~ James 5:16

God never intended us to be Lone Rangers battling the issues of sin and brokenness on our own. God designed us to share the journey because He knew we would need each others help!

Who are your traveling companions?



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2 responses to “More quickly than rabbits reproduce!

  1. internet elias

    Good comparison – sin and Prairie Grass. Well, I know God’s help is required to serve things of God rather than things of the flesh. And if Prairie Grass is anything like some of the similar pesky grasses here in the south…they, too, require divine intervention to eradicate. LOL.


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