What were we expecting?

It’s Psalm Sunday; the day we remember and celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem – John 12 – just a week before His death, burial and resurrection.

The Jews expected God to bless them with a messiah who would come as a conquering warrior sent to free them from Roman tyranny. What they got was Jesus riding in on a donkey; a symbol of peace. He came as a suffering servant who would give His very life to rescue us.

The false expectations of the Jews caused them to miss God’s divine presence as Jesus moved among them. Do we do the same today? Do we expect God’s blessing to make life only easy or comfortable? Are we missing the very presence of God in the midst of what we are going through?

When we surrendered our life to follow Jesus…what were we expecting?

This song speaks of the various unexpected ways that we might experience God’s blessings and presence. May it touch your heart as it did mine!



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4 responses to “What were we expecting?

  1. julie

    I really like this song, it speaks the truth. I am still trying to figure out what to expect from Jesus. I know the world isnt perfect and things are going to happen which we have no control over. And what is meant to be will be. BUT it still can be an everyday struggle.

    • I hear you Julie! I’ve been walking with Him for quite a while now and still struggle with that same issue sometimes. I think the biggest promise we can cling to is that He promised to be with us always all the way to the end of days. He does that even though He is in heaven with the Father becuase the Holy Spirit dwells in us. The longer I live the more significant that one promise means to me! Thanks for sharing the journey!

  2. Rob Doty

    Growing pains . Thats what I call it. I wouldn’t be here without them.

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